✪ Go kiss Codenamesilas
+ Anonymous

[Hard frowning.]

+ Anonymous

[She isn’t entirely sure on how to feel on this.]

[But she will make the other suffer as much as possible through this.]

✪ Notfalcor
+ Anonymous


»I.. don’t believe I know them?«

✪ You should totes go kiss master-megatron.
+ Anonymous

»You are terrible and you know it.«

[Off she goes to hopefully convince him to do so.]

✪ [points at self]
+ dimensioncrosser

[She obliges nonetheless. Taking Cyberia’s hand and kissing that back of it, a somewhat silly grin on her face as she did so.]

Send me a “✪” and I’ll kiss whoever you ask.


beautiful spirals in nature

[Currently face-first in her bed.]

[Not in the mood for anything.]

Earth Day just doesn’t really mean all that much to me. Humans are already messing it up and even though they’re trying to undo all of that polluting and other stuff it might be still be a very long time before the planet is back to “normal” again.

Humans really confuse me.


Crash of the Mothership – sci-fi concept by Raphael Lacoste


Crash of the Mothership – sci-fi concept by Raphael Lacoste


I think I’m gonna be okay.

You sure?


Not today. [She stares at her lap, chewing on her lip.]

[A spine twitches at this.] Do you need another hug?


Mm. [She peeled herself from Maddie, and sat back in a chair, sighing heavily and rubbing at her face.]

[Maddie did not sit back down, instead, she sat on the floor a little bit away from Cy.] Do you wanna keep talking about it? [She asks this as she sits down.]


I’m a monster ;
I’m a killer ;
I know I’m w r o n g.

I’m a problem
that’ll never, ever
be solved.